MSM: A Source of Natural Sulfur & An Amazing Beauty Secret.

MSM is called “The Beauty Supplement” because it provides sulfur. It can keep skin and hair radiant by helping your body produce collagen and keratin (2). MSM probably has a wider array of health claims than any other vitamin or mineral. So, what is it? It is not sulfites or sulfa. Sulfur emerged from the earth through volcanic rock and was catapulted into the earth’s oceans, lakes and soil. This may have been a factor in the soupy atmosphere creating life on earth. MSM is a rich source of the natural mineral sulfur which appears in all living organisms, fruits, vegetables, the ocean and rain. (5).

Source of Natural Sulfur

You may have heard of sulfur springs. For hundreds of years, Europeans traveled to sulfur springs for health and beauty.In modern times, MSM (the supplement source of natural sulfur) was promoted by Stanley Jacob, MD in his book, The Miracle of MSM:The Natural Solution for Pain. His book is quite popular and interesting.

The most potent food sources of sulfur are eggs, meats and milk. The sulfur content of plants such as garlic and onions will vary according to soil conditions.Cooking, freezing and processing foods completely destroy sulfur. (1) Many foods are grown in soil depleted of its natural sulfur content.(2) Greenhouse foods contain zero sulfur, unless it’s added. (3).

Sulfur is one of the most prevalent minerals in the body. Without sulfur, your body and skin become inflexible. Experts say that the toxicity of MSM up to 2 grams is similar to water, although some people have a “detox” reaction. MSM has been researched in the following areas with positive or helpful results: muscle soreness, autoimmune disorders, parasites, joint pain, chemical toxicity, neurological disorders, allergies, cancer prevention, diabetes, lung dysfunction, stress and endurance.According to Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., the sulfur content of the soil is inversely related to obesity rates. (5). MSM has also been used (along with whole complex vitamin E) for rosacea, acne, scars and other skin problems.(1).Well, what a list!!!!

Limerance uses food grade MSM in our body oil. Why doesn’t every skincare company use it?? Very puzzling…. It’s famous for safety and effectiveness in the best anti-wrinkle skin creams and body oils. I look for companies that use a pure or organic source of MSM for Limerance products, rather than a petroleum source.

Like most supplements, MSM probably doesn’t “cure” anything…but just gives the body what it needs. It is often combined with vitamin C.(1)Is there a negative about taking MSM as a supplement?? Yes. It tastes absolutely horrible, just like volcanic ash. Have I tried MSM? Yes, I have tried it and take it periodically. I feel like it makes my skin and hair glow, and cuts my constant and pesky chocolate cravings to zero.

Remember, as always, you’re already beautiful….

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