Derma Rollers, Derma Wands, Red Light Therapy and Neck Slimmers: Do They Work?

Here is our review of various gadgets and machines designed to improve your skin. They were all pretty inexpensive and worth a try! I certainly didn’t regret purchasing any of them.

Derma Rollers

The derma roller came in first for the fastest results. My skin almost immediately looked better. I used the .5 needle. Here’s the theory as I understand it: Hundreds of tiny needles puncture your skin forcing the cells to create more collagen as a way of repairing themselves. The “before and after” pics on the internet are, for the most part, pretty realistic. However, the derma roller has some drawbacks. It stings and itches for a few hours (in my case) after use. But, I looked great the next day. So, the itch and sting didn’t stop me. Here’s what did stop me. I kept getting small skin infections from it no matter how well I cleaned it. I even stored it in a glass of 91% alcohol hoping that would solve the problem. No luck. This infection problem seemed to improve if I used the derma roller once a week, rather than every other day. You may not have this problem. I think derma rollers are definitely worth a try, especially considering that they can be purchased for under $30.00.

Derma Wands

Derma wands are also popular. They take some time and discipline, and range from $30.00 to over 100.00. I thought my less expensive machine (D’arsonval for $40.00) was more effective than pricier models. I didn’t see overnight results. I did feel that my skin developed a glow over time and became tighter. It takes about 10 minutes a day. I love the smell of it….kind of an ozone type smell. I also found it relaxing. It erased any acne. These machines are meant to stimulate muscles under your skin, thereby tightening it. At first, the machine was a little scary because of the crackle and incomprehensible directions. I had to go to YouTube for instructions on how to use it. Very important: Apply some type of oil on your face before using. I use Limerance Body Oil (of course) for this. I still use my derma wand and consider it a good investment for wrinkles and acne. It is very versatile if you get one with attachments. I even use it on my hair sometimes.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy sounded great. I used it for weeks. I was totally convinced this would work. There seemed to be great science behind it. Developed by NASA scientists and used in dentistry and medicine, it is designed to stimulate healing and collagen.(1). I could see no difference at all. Nothing! So I gave it to my husband….he claims it has dramatically reduced the pain in his hip from a skiing accident!! OK, well our topic is beauty and skin.

Sagging neck? Well there are lots of neck exercisers out there, called Neck “Genies” & “Slimmers”, etc. I think these work, especially if you start earlier rather than later. You use graduated coils, increasing the resistance as your neck gets stronger. They take very little time…maybe 5 minutes a day. If you like this type of thing, they are inexpensive (usually under $10) and well worth the money. But, once again, they don’t work overnight. You are literally exercising and building muscle in your neck! I didn’t stick with this… out of sheer laziness. But, I did get good results.

So, I was happiest with the derma wand. I like the “crackle”, the smell and the way it feels on my skin. It’s a slow and steady improvement. All of these machines have their pros and cons. Most of them try to stimulate collagen. It’s much easier to improve your skin with any of these machines if you’re getting enough vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals.

Remember: You’re already beautiful!

Note: As usual, I have absolutely no financial relationship with any of these companies other than having bought their products at a normal retail price.

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