Colostrum: An Ancient Secret for Wrinkles, Aging and Sagging Skin?


The History of Colostrum


Yes, we use colostrum in our skin cream! Read on to discover the fascinating history of this ancient remedy for wrinkles, sagging skin and health enhancement. Colostrum first appeared in ancient times as a healing and nutritional elixir, dating back to 300 BC. Colostrum is referenced in the Old Testament, in Ayurvedic medicine, and in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Bovine Colostrum was a traditional folk remedy in England, Sweden and the Netherlands for hundreds of years. People used colostrum  for strength, illness recovery and nourishment. Traditionally, farmers made a colostrum dinner pudding to celebrate the birth of a new calf. (1)

What is it?  Colostrum is the first nursing milk a mother gives to her newborn. Many mammals will die if deprived of colostrum after birth. It is the first antiviral, natural antibiotic substance with immune, muscle-building and anti-allergy factors.  Dr. Albert Sabin used antibodies from colostrum to combat polio and later develop his polio vaccine in the 1950s. (1) Curiously, many websites claim that colostrum lacks scientific evidence. (Really??) There are literally thousands of  clinical studies about the properties of colostrum. It is probably one of the most studied natural substances in the world! You can find colostrum studies at, with research related to all kinds of disorders. With the advent of modern drugs and antibiotics, the popularity of colostrum faded. Today, it is more commonly used in Europe than in America. Bovine colostrum is thought to be similar, if not identical, to human colostrum. But, unlike humans, cows produce much more colostrum than newborns can drink.(2)

What’s in Colostrum? It is an extremely complex substance. Bovine colostrum contains all the essential fatty acids, naturally occurring IGF, oligosaccharides, hormones naturally produced in the thymus gland, proline rich peptides to help modulate the immune system, nucleosides, hemopexin, lactoferrin and lactobacillus acidophilus (a healthy bacteria). Whew! Colostrum does contain trace amounts of milk. However, many people with a dairy allergy are able to use natural colostrum. (3)

What can colostrum do for you? Many people believe that colostrum is the most powerful rejuvenating substance on the planet. It has been credited with everything under the sun: anti-aging, stimulating growth factors, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, improving muscle strength, burning fat, balancing blood sugar and revitalizing skin. Various Olympic athletes use colostrum to improve athletic performance. Many people use colostrum to avoid or recover from viruses. Colostrum is thought to be one of the safer supplements as long as you buy it from a dependable source. There are some of internet claims that colostrum helps in weight loss. Colostrum as a weight loss aid doesn’t really make any sense. Nature designed it as an elixir to build strong babies. Of course, it may enhance muscles which, in theory, could help you burn fat. (3,4)

Using colostrum, I felt so much stronger that I continued using it, and started giving it to my family and my 21 year old cat. (They all love it, especially the cat.) I like the powder, which tastes like powdered cream. If you don’t like the taste or the fact that it sticks to your teeth a little, it comes in capsules or you can mix it into yogurt. Over time, my muscles seemed to get stronger and I seemed to have better immunity. I usually take a few weeks off here and there. There  are a few great companies that sell it: ImmuneTree, Surthrival, Symbiotics, and Synertek. I chose Synertek because they leave the colostrum totally in tact, except for pasteurization. Some companies have removed the fat and/or added other ingredients. Most of the companies that sell colostrum claim that colostrum should be collected in the first 6 to 12 hours after birth of the calf.

What about skin and beauty? We have started using colostrum in Limerance Skin Cream for its regenerative and strengthening properties. It seems to help weak and aging skin appear stronger and more resilient if used over time. It is one of our star ingredients. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a skin cream without it. Colostrum can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne at the same time. However, colostrum goes way beyond just looking beautiful and topical benefits, with it’s long and illustrious history as an ancient remedy for modern times.

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