Vitamin E Oil For Your Skin: A Curious History for Beautiful Skin!

The vitamin E oil debate just keeps resurfacing. This is another case where understanding history can make you healthy, and beautiful.

What is vitamin E oil? It is eight fat soluble compounds in two groups: tocopherols and tocotrienols.(4). Some forms of vitamin E have been extensively studied; some forms hardly at all. Natural vitamin E oil is highly concentrated in nuts,wheat germ oil, avocados and other foods. Natural vitamin E bears little resemblance to the synthetic E in many multivitamins.

In the late 1940s, Drs. Evan and Wilfrid Shute treated about 30,000 people from all over North America with mega doses (more than 800 mg) of whole complex vitamin E oil for heart disease. They were apparently using all eight vitamin E compounds in their formulation. Of course, in those days, most people didn’t even know what vitamin E was! They became famous for their treatment and published great results. People flocked to their clinic.(1)

Following the Shute findings, researchers published studies showing that vitamin E had no therapeutic effect! How could this happen? Was the Shute research wrong? Here is where history becomes strange.

vitamin e oil for skin

The researchers invalidating the Shute’s claims didn’t use the same dosage or form of vitamin E oil! Then, in a turnaround, studies at the Harvard School of Health found that women taking 100 IU of vitamin E daily for two years had a 46% lower risk of having a heart attack, based on over 86,000 women.(1) In a second turnaround, other studies emerged seemingly disproving the heart health benefits of vitamin E oil.(2)

None of these studies, positive or negative, seemed to use the whole complex vitamin E or the same dosage as the Shute researchers, and many used a synthetic version.(1) So, due to inconsistent methods and forms of vitamin E testing, we still don’t know the answer to our question about vitamin E and heart health.

What does the research say about vitamin E and skin? Even vitamin cynics agree that vitamin E is good for your skin. It functions as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and can help prevent premature aging and sun damage.(3) Your skin naturally contains various parts of the eight vitamin E compounds. Researchers have found that tocotrienols are effective at reducing melanin (i.e. age spots) and preventing environmental damage.Vitamin E helps your skin retain moisture and helps counteract sun exposure. (4)

Years ago, I had a heart issue and tried vitamin E. It didn’t work. So, I went back to the original research and tried replicating the Shute’s exact formula. Yes, you’re right. It worked! Wow! My skin improved, too! Of course, everyone is different.

Most skin creams contain vitamin E. AmazMineral Face Cream contains non GMO whole complex E. After reviewing the literature, we surmised that whole complex E is probably more effective at improving skin health. We think you can feel the results in our cream.

A Beauty Trick To Try: Open a whole complex vitamin E and use overnight on your hands, face, knees or neck. It can feel greasy at first. But, it can really hydrate and soften your skin. (Make sure you’re not sensitive first by doing a patch test.)

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Note: You can still buy Dr. Wilfrid E Shute’s Vitamin E Book on Amazon.

This article is for educational purposes only. It’s not medical advice. If you’re considering trying something new, ask your health care practitioner.


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