Insomnia & Pathways to Better Sleep from AmazMinerals.

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You know those nights- you’re exhausted, worried and wired all at the same time. You want to sleep, but sleep eludes you. Here are some easy paths to blissful sleep.

  1. Eat a handful of dried cherries an hour or two before bed. When one of our clients told us about this, we thought it was silly……until we tried it. It worked for us! It turns out cherries are one of the only foods containing melatonin.
  2. Find a brief meditation on Youtube and listen just before sleep. A Meditation for Physical Well Being by Ester Hicks is great.
  3. Take magnesium before bed. If you can’t tolerate magnesium or take an epsom salts bath, simply dissolve some epsom salts in very hot water. Put the water in a bottle by your bed. You can conveniently rub it onto your skin before sleep.
  4. Take all of your worries and imagine wrapping them up and then- handing them to your higher self or guardian angel. Ask that angel or spiritual being to work on them while you sleep and to inspire you.
  5. Keep a dream journal by your bed.

We spend so much of our time sleeping. Here’s to enjoying it! Questions? Email We answer!

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