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Put a few drops of water on your face before using Stem Cell & Gooseberry Face Cream or any cream. You can use your hands or a mister. Your skin will retain moisture for a longer time.

Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase. Cotton pulls your skin and results in morning wrinkles….eventually becoming permanent wrinkles(!). Silk/satin glide over your skin. (Your hair will look better, too.) You can order them online for about $20.

Exfoliate every night! If that's too much, try to exfoliate once a week. Mix any oil with a little organic sugar and rub lightly. You can also use a pumice stone…but stay on the really light side with a pumice stone!

Use body oil every day after a shower or a bath.

Consider Skin Supplements via food or vitamins. Whole complex vitamin C (Rosehips), whole complex vitamin E, d-biotin (more easily absorbed than regular biotin), colostrum, green superfoods, complete complex of essential fatty acids, and enough copper (usually found in multivitamins) are really the skin basics we love. (Ask you healthcare professional first.) We review each of these and more in our newsletters. Nutrition is everything for beautiful skin.

Do not wash your face with soap of any kind unless you have acne. It strips the natural oil right out of your skin! Rinsing and cleaning with a little oil is fine. If you feel that you must use soap, try to use it only once a week. Soap is for armpits, genitals, feet and hands.

Witch hazel is a great, inexpensive toner.

Stay hydrated no matter what! This is so important. No matter what skin products or procedures you use, your skin can't look great unless it is hydrated. Water alone, without minerals, can't hydrate you. Read Your Body's Many Cries for Water by Dr. Batmanghelidj for more information.

Try organic vinegar. Vinegar has amazing skin applications. Mix with ¾ water and use it to spray on your face and body, avoiding eye area of course. Some people make it stronger.  It brightens and tones. Vinegar is said to restore the acid mantle to your skin. It can also be used to take the sting out of a sunburn. Wash it off before sun exposure.

Use mayonnaise. Everyone thinks this is disgusting…until they try it. Take a pea sized amount of mayonnaise and rub between your hands. Apply to the very ends of dry hair. Leave it on. If you have dry or split ends, this is practically a miracle. After a week of doing this everyday, your hair just looks shiny and beautiful. Your hair absorbs it so quickly that there really is no smell after a few minutes. Some people apply a larger amount on wet hair.

Face Lift Alternatives

Eventually, the tiny muscles under your skin in your face and neck lose their elasticity from gravity and aging…which leads to wrinkles. Don't want a facelift, laser or chemical peels? Well, there are more natural alternatives. Of course, they all take some time and, in some cases, a little money. Here are some alternatives we have loved!

  1. Face exercises . Done daily, these worked for us. There are a ton of free exercises on YouTube.The trick is to integrate this into your daily routine.
  2. Acupuncture. You can have an acupuncture facelift done professionally. Or you can do it at home with a dermaroller: Wow, of all the gadgets out there…we loved the dermaroller. We started with a .5 roller three or four times a week. We kept it clean with 91% alcohol. It's basically a home acupuncture device, available for about $20 online.

Acupressure . These are massage points on the face. These massage regimens are also free on YouTube. With persistence, we thought they worked, too.

None of the above is medical advice. Consult your healthcare professional before making changes!